About Us

While the current blockchain ecosystem has been characterised by looking for the next 'digital currency', here at equit-E we provide access to revenue generating assets via blockchain. equit-E is a unique platform on the blockchain to pool opportunities to acquire a stake in revenue generating assets, companies and financial instruments to provide a diversified risk portfolio.

Our goal is to create a viable blockchain platform allowing individual to contribute from just about any part of the world making a seamless alternative opportunity.


  • Our vision is to create a robust blockchain system grounded by interactions between physical assets and Blockchain technology. equit-E aims to promote the adoption of digital assets as a medium for exchange to effectively manage tokenized assets.


  • Our mission is to be the most reliable blockchain platform for nurturing revenue generating businesses with their capital requirements.

Why equit-E

With equit-E we are creating a unique management platform on the Blockchain with frictionless value transfer, facilitating higher security, credibility and speed.

Asset Backed

equit-E tokens are backed by real assetswherein intrinsic value of tokensare based on real companies with a said valuation.


equit-E provides contributors with liquidity to buy, sell, and trade equit-E token through online exchanges once listed.


Contributingto the equit-E security token translates into an a high growth rate portfolio giving exposure to diversified industries.


equit-E portfolio is designed, strategized and implemented in such a manner to increase its value for contributors.


Our motto is to provide access to both small and accredited contributors bringing transparency through execution of smart contracts.


Probably one of the most beneficial equit-E characteristics, is the fact that its token value will be based on its revenue generating company portfolio performance and not on the state of the cryptocurrency markets.


equit-E is a simplified business model explained and deviced for layman. Below is given gist for the working cycle of equit-E ecosystem.


* The above is a simplified depiction of our business process for illustrative purposes only, not to be construed as investment guidelines.

Our proposal will help you to understand the concept of equit-E