Our Proposal

equit-E is a unique platform that is based on the blockchain and administered using smart-contracts. Capital is raised from contributors, in exchange for security tokens, and then diversified into revenue generating business to generate regular returns. The returns are paid back to the token holders via the blockchain using the smart contracts significantly reducing administration costs. The goal is to have a security token that will be to be tied to a basket of revenue generating assets that can be freely traded on crypto exchanges. This will give equit-E token both intrinsic value and eventual liquidity allowing contributors to structure their portfolios as necessary. The simplified process is laid out below in graphical form:

Use Case Scenario

If you are a contributor and looking to contribute in equit-E STO you need to get whitelisted before proceeding to view the materials or information made available on this website.

This STO is intended for international purchasers based worldwide, excluding persons with residence/nationality where the purchase of cryptocurrencies/token is legally forbidden.